Biao Jiang

Biao Jiang

I’m now a PostDoc in ultrasound imaging for cardiovascular diagnoses, with research dedicating to provide new ultrasound image/video processing methods, to improve the vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque characterizing and screening performance. 

From Aug 2014, I was a researcher in Luleå University of Technology (LTU) for an EU project - BondTest, for which several advanced phased array ultrasonic testing methods and imaging algorithms were developed with high-resolution imaging results for diffusion-bonded metallic materials. 

My main interests are acoustics and array signal processing, and I received my Ph.D in underwater acoustics and signal processing from Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 2005. After that, I have been doing research on ocean acoustics and sonar developments for a few years. In 2013, I started a PostDoc research in SiPLAB, University of Algarve, Portugal, where a new vector sensor array-based ocean exploration research was conducted. 



Phone: +46 (0)72-010 3312