Centre for Rural Medicine

The Centre for Rural Medicine, GMC, is a unit within Region Västerbotten that conducts research, development and education for and in sparsely populated areas.

Research and development in sparsely populated areas

We have our head office in Storuman, a sparsely populated municipality in Västerbotten, Sweden. Here we are collecting knowledge about challenges, needs and opportunities with providing health and medical care in sparsely populated areas. The main areas we work in are Good and close care in sparsely populated areas, Sami health, recruitment and education.

Other conditions for healthcare and care in sparsely populated areas

As the healthcare is developing and new decisions are to be made, it is important that there is knowledge of how the conditions differ between urban and sparsely populated areas. Sometimes guidelines and regulations come from an urban perspective, which is not always true for those who live in sparsely populated areas. For example, people living in sparsely populated areas often have significantly longer distances to basic health care, in combination with limited or no public transport. This is something that can affect the possibility of good, equal health and quality of life.

The conditions that exist in sparsely populated areas may mean that new solutions must be found, and work done in other ways to ensure good health among the population and make sparsely populated areas attractive to healthcare staff.

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Email: info.gmc@regionvasterbotten.se

Andreas Lundqvist Head of Unit, Centre for Rural Medicine
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