Plan, Recruit, Retain: A Framework for Local Health Care Organizations to Achieve a Stable Remote Rural Workforce

NEW PAPER PUBLISHED. Recruiting and retaining a skilled health workforce is a common challenge for remote and rural communities worldwide, negatively impacting access to services, and in turn peoples’ health. The Framework for Remote Rural Workforce Stability is a strategy designed for rural and remote healthcare organizations to ensure the recruitment and retention of vital healthcare personnel.

The research literature highlights different factors facilitating or hindering recruitment and retention of health care workers to remote and rural areas, however there are few practical tools to guide local health care organizations in their recruitment and retention struggles.

The Framework for Remote Rural Workforce Stability is the result of a 7-year, five-country (Sweden, Norway, Canada, Iceland, and Scotland) international collaboration. The purpose of the paper is to describe the development process, the contents, and the suggested use of the framework.

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