EU Falls Festival in Umeå, Sweden

We are pleased to announce that the international EU Falls Festival is celebrating its fifth anniversary and will be held in Umeå.

Over the course of two days, world-leading researchers from across Europe and the Globe will gather together in Umeå with professionals, politicians and decision makers to share the latest knowledge about fall prevention.

We will listen to latest evidence in the field of research on falls including successful implementation and good examples from different type of areas. Have a peek at ongoing research and network with representatives from other countries. During the conference, there will be an exchange of experiences between decision-makers in Europe and international attendees on the strategies that are adopted to meet the common socio-economic challanges "Europe’s population is aging at a rapid pace and more fall injuries affect the older population".

The conference’s target audience is researchers, decision-makers, politicians, healthcare professionals, development leaders, companies and others engaged with reducing falls injuries in the population.

Welcome to Umeå

Program EU Falls Festival 2019