Fjärrkonsulten (The Remote Consultant)

Digital care meetings and remote follow-up of patients increase the availability of healthcare and reduce the need to travel, benefitting both patients and caregivers, not to mention the environment.

As an example, it means that the patient can get their heart assessed immediately, without needing a referral to a specialist and having to travel to the hospital. Our engineers at MT-FoU have extensive experience in telemedicine applications and have developed several solutions in the field of remote monitoring. The remote consultant is a system that transmits heart and lung sound from an electronic stethoscope. 

We have made the stethoscope more accessible than ever by examining the healthcare needs and developing interfaces and functions in collaboration with the personnel. Today, one can listen to the patient's heart and lungs remotely and receive support for the assessment. The stethoscope is wireless and can transmit the sound directly to the specialist. It can also save the measurement for later assessment. The users chooses which work procedure suits best. The system is in use in most municipalities within Region Västerbotten. Operation and management are handled by the Department of Biomedical Engineering. 

We are also developing AI methods that can help with the assessment or heart soundas well as the patient to record their own heart sound. To achieve this, we are using machine learning techniques with artificial neural networks.  

A short video that illustrates the concept: 

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