In the VipViza study at the Clinical Research Center, the carotid arteries are examined using ultrasound. The aim is to find risk factors related to atherosclerosis, and to improve the risk assessment for developing cardiovascular disease.

Fig1: The protractor mounted on an ultrasonic screen.

During the examination, the angle at which the ultrasound probe is held must be known to enable the same ultrasound images to be recreated at later measurement occasions. 

Fig2: Sensor mounted on ultrasonic probe.  

The project resulted in a built-in system with a 7-segment display, which shows the angle of an accelerometer sensor to the horizontal plane using the acceleration of gravity. The sensor is moulded into silicone to be disinfectable. The power supply is 5V from a USB port on the ultrasound system. The electronics box was designed and 3D-printed to get a good fit. The accuracy of the sensor is approximately 1 degree, and the numerical value is shown on a small display that is attached to the screen of the ultrasound system. 

Urban Edström –