Fredrik Öhberg

Fredrik Öhberg

I work as a biomedical engineer at our department. Also, I am an adjunct lecturer at the Department of Radiation SciencesUmeå University. My work focuses on biomechanical analyzes of body movements and of the respiratory system. Areas of application are everything from measurements of how musculoskeletal impairments affect a person's walking and balance patterns to how different environmental factors, such as air pollution, affect a person's lung capacity. 

Basically, I have a physics degree from Umeå University (1993) with a major in computational physics and measurement technology. I did my dissertation at the Department of Radiation Sciences, Umeå University in 2009 (PhD in Biomedical Engineering). Since 2015 I have also been a Docent in biomedical engineering. For my publication list, follow the link to Umeå University's website (see below). 

Research and development projects  
Biomechanical studies of body movements and of the respiratory system. Also working on development of a mobile app for use in the field of ergonomics. 

See the publication list on Umeå University's website. 

Phone: 090-785 40 27 
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