Helena Grip

Helena Grip

I am associate professor (docent) in biomedical engineering. My research and development lies within the field of movement analysis and motor control. I am a part of the U Motion Lab research groupMy current research focus on knee stability after anterior cruciate ligament injury and movement movement control after neurological diseases or injuries such as strokeThe movement patterns are analysed with portable custom made systems or with optical 3D camera systems, while the relationships between brain activity and movement control are analysed based on functional MRI. 

Since 2018 i am an adjunct associate at the department of Radiation Pysics at the Umeå university.  

Docent, Biomedical engineering, 2017 
PhD, Biomedical engineering, 2008 
MSc, Master of Science in engineering physics, 2000 

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Phone: 090-785 40 29  
E-mail: helena.grip@regionvasterbotten.se  
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