Johan Skönevik

FoU-Johan Skönevik

My work at MT-FoU began in 2004 as a biomedical engineer mainly concerned in software development for remote monitoring.   believe it's very important to work together with the medical professionals and really understand the context and setting where the technology will operate. In my profession I am a full stack lead developer, project leader and a data scientist. Working at MT-FoU has always been exciting and fulfilling since our main goal is to improve and empover the health care. My contributions have been in projects developing monitoring tools for patients with cronic disease, quality registry for radiotherapy, strategic development and education. Recent work has involved machine learning, automation technology and IOT. Since one of my private obsessions is flying drones I hope there will be an opportunity for me to develop that for applications in health care. 

MSc in Computing Science. Specializing in artificial intelligence and process oriented software development. I graduated 2004 and since then I have attended courses and conferences to develop more skills in medtech engineering and leadership.

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