Johan Skönevik

Johan Skönevik

Since 2004 I've been working at dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Research and Development in different projects and in close cooperation with clinical departments. It's a highly versatile job with complex and challenging tasks in unexplored fields. It's gives me satisfaction being a co-creator of future health care in a big organization (10000+) with many different competencies. I love innovation, meeting people with brains and ideas and working together trying to figure out the best ways to use technology to improve health care. I have a broad technical and scientific background as developer, researcher, software architect, project leader and strategist.

Occasionally I also do some teaching and supervising students work. And once a year or so I take my internal auditor hat on and get my hands dirty on our quality management system (ISO9001).

My greatest contributions yet is probably in these four primary areas
- Regional strategies for digitalization, e-health services and remote patient monitoring.
- Remote patient monitoring, delivering health care to the home, and nearby.
- Remote auscultation of heart and lung sound, supported by machine learning (AI)
- National clinical quality registry for radiotherapy data.

All in all I have enjoyed work, the people I've met and places I've seen. I've been to Indonesia in e-health collaboration, Ireland, Spain and lots of places in Sweden. The thing that I appreciate the most is having a job that keeps me curious and motivated. But sometimes I think to myself, maybe that's just who I am : )

MSc in Computing Science. Specializing in artificial intelligence and process oriented software development. I graduated 2004 and since then I have attended courses and conferences to develop more skills in medtech engineering and leadership.

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