Regional Strategies in English

The regional development in Västerbotten is governed by the goals in the Regional Development Strategy 2020-2030. To further detail the goals and pinpoint necessary activities the regional development strategy is complemented by other strategies, plans and agendas. This page collects those available in English for convenience.

Only a small subset of the strategies are available in English, these together with the other strategies, plans and agendas where Region Västerbotten is the governing body are available at Regionala strategier, planer och agendor. 


The Regional Development Strategy 2020-2030 is a government  commission and has been developed  to present the desired development for Västerbotten County by 2030. The strategy, which was adopted by the Regional Council, defines the county’s common ambitions, and is intended to be a roadmap for actors in every sector.

Regional Development Strategy 2020-2030 (English web)Lyssna med Insipio PDF Reader

Regional Development Strategy 2020-2030 (English print)

The Regional Innovation Strategy 2022-2020 aims to gather resources for innovation as a means to achieve regional, national and global goals. It is complemented by the S3 Västerbotten Roadmap for Smart Economic Transformation.

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S3 Västerbotten Roadmap for Smart Economic Transformation is the smart specialisation strategy for Västerbotten pointing out a new way for actors in Västerbotten to collaborate across EU to create radical change for sustainable development. It is a complement to the Regional Development Strategy 2020-2030 and the Regional Innovation Strategy 2022-2030.

S3 Västerbotten Roadmap for Smart Economic TransformationLyssna med Insipio PDF Reader