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I am associate professor in Biomedical Engineering and employed as a hospital engineer at University Hospital of Umeå. I work with research & development projects within the field of biomedical engineering. My aim is to develop mathematical methods and software to analyze biological signals, with application in clinical research projects.
Since 1990, I have worked in different research projects with analyses of heart rate variability (HRV) and ECG signal processing. The majority of projects have been performed in close collaboration with different medical researchers. My participation in these inter-disciplinary clinical projects concerns planning and performance of studies, development of analytical methods, statistical analyses and interpretation of results.  I have published 70 journal papers and 26 short papers at technical conferences (May 2015).
Examples of previous and current projects:
 1) Analysis of the co-variation in HRV, systolic blood pressure and respiration by multivariate autoregressive modelling
 2) Analysis of HRV by autoregressive modelling, investigating the influence of trend removal and model order selection
 3) Decomposition of HRV into subband signals using the discrete wavelet transform as a filter bank
 4) Coherence analysis of HRV and respiration using the continuous wavelet transform
 5) Development of adaptive methods for analysis of signals with high noise levels
 6) Application of HRV signal analysis methodology in clinical applications, e.g.:
 a. Assessment of autonomic function in patients with transthyretin amyloidosis before and after treatment with liver transplantation.
 b. Autonomic function in children with Fontan circulation.

Research project
Heart rate variability

Scientific publications
See the list of publications on the Umeå universitety home page.   

Phone   : +46 (0)90-785 4021
E-mail   : Urban.Wiklund@regionvasterbotten.se