Nina Sundström

Nina Sundström

I am associated professor (docent) in Biomedical Engineering and the Team Leader for the research group at MT-FoU. I work with R&D mainly in the areas of gait and balance, quality registries and multimodal monitoring during intensive care treatment. My research interest is especially focused on measurement of gait and balance in the clinical setting, and in this area I have a PhD student engaged. Since 2013 I am the chairperson of the Swedish Hydrocephalus Quality Registry which is another primary research area together with the assessment and analysis of physiological signals from patients with Traumatic Brain Injury treated in intensive care units. 
Since 2018, I am employed (20 %) as an adjunct lecturer at the Department of Radiation Sciences at Umeå University. I am responsible for e.g. thesis supervision and courses within the Biomedical Engineering field.  

Docent, Biomedical Engineering, 2017 
PhD, Biomedical Engineering, 2007 
MSc, Engineering Physics, 2000 

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Bedömning av rörelsefunktion med objektiv rörelseanalys 

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