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Clinical Research Center in Umeå supports the work with clinical studies and can among others provide:

  • Research nurses with long experience, educated in Good Clinical Practice
  • Laboratory for handling blood samples and possibilities to short term storage
  • Research facilities and equipment such as ECG, ultrasound, DXA, RMR etc

Clinical Research Center can coordinate the trial related activities in the other hospitals in the county, i.e. Lycksele and Skellefteå, to optimize patient recruitment within the region.

In addition, the Clinical Research Center has well-established contacts with the other local nodes within the northern region and can thus coordinate collaboration with the hospitals within counties Norrbotten, Jämtland-Härjedalen and Västernorrland. This will enable inclusion of patients from the whole northern health care region of Sweden.

Additional support available from Clinical Research Center includes;

  • Clinical Research Support such as
    • Regulatory and administrative support in planning of a new clinical trial
    • Writing and review of Clinical Trial Protocols
    • Designing Case Report Form (CRF) printed or electronic form (eCRF)
    • Applications to Medical Products Agency and Ethics Committee
    • Biobank applications
    • Designing patient information/informed consent forms
    • Project management
    • Reviewing contracts
    • Cost estimation and negotiation
    • Monitoring
    • Randomization
    • SAE and SUSAR reporting
    • Medical writing
    • Producing study documentation
    • GCP education
  • Contacts with experts in clinical studies (such as statistics, epidemiology, health economics)
  • Contact with regional resources (such as research units, quality register centers, biobanks, cancer centers).


Please contact klinisktforskningscentrum@regionvasterbotten.se for more information.