Axel Vikström

Axel Vikström

I work as a PhD-student at the Department of Diagnostics and Intervention at Umeå University. My work is based on fluid simulations (CFD) with focus on the blood flow in the cerebral arteries. Specifically, I will examine computational methods for predicting cerebral perfusion, i.e. the cerebral arteries capability of bringing enough blood to the brain tissue. The goal is to identify if the individual would suffer from hypoperfusion (insufficient perfusion) when exposed to disease or surgical procedures. The main method of the project is called Computational Hypoperfusion Prediction (CHP) which combines CFD simulations with data from CTA and MRI to predict the perfusion pressure in the cerebral arteries.

MSc in Engineering Physics, 2021, Umeå University

Computational Hypoperfusion Prediction – Cerebral Protection


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